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Frequently Asked Questions

Our methodology, our databases, our collaboration with the authorities and our efficiency statistics have resulted in the support of many insurers who recommend DOMINO Tracking to their customers.

With DOMINO tracking, how long does my protection last?

5-year package for regular vehicles, 4-year package for recreational and marine vehicles and lifetime marking protection, as long as the customer owns it.

If I travel to the United States, am I protected?

Yes, coverage covers Canada and the United States.

Where can I get DOMINO tracking installed?

Visit our partners section for details of authorized retailers.

Do the police know you?

Yes, we recover several million in vehicle value every year.

Does my insurer know you?

Yes, we have been maintaining relationships with all insurers for over 20 years.

Can you also protect snowmobiles, ATVs, boats, etc.?

Absolutely, by combining marking and tracking on a 4-year package.

How much does DOMINO Tracking costs?

We invite you to contact an authorized retailer for details.

Do I have to pay monthly payments?

No, we offer a no monthly fee package for a period of 5 years for regular vehicles and 4 years for recreational and maritime vehicles.

Can I extend my coverage for a longer period?

Yes, for a monthly or annual fee depending on your choice but only for regular vehicles.

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