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About Us

Domino Tracking

The DOMINO effect illustrates the importance of innovation and resilience in business. By finding creative solutions to problems, it is possible to stand out and have a positive impact on society.

Our History

The story of Domino Tracking begins in 2002 with a series of circumstances that would change the course of three owners of an insurance brokerage office.

As car theft reached its peak, the three owners were facing a claims problem that was threatening the “broker-insurer” relationship that was necessary for the proper functioning of the brokerage office.

Seeking a solution to this problem, the proposal to develop an anti-theft prevention system was put forward.
Domino Tracking

The original idea was to systematically offer the installation of the new anti-theft system to ICE insurance customers, in order to balance the losses due to car theft.

The idea caught on and very quickly, many insurers decided to accredit and even offer an incentive discount to their own customers who had acquired our anti-theft system.

Over the years, the team has specialized in the field of prevention, satellite positioning and tracking. A constantly evolving and highly technological market. We have been able to adapt our expertise to the needs of the market, to offer a high-end service to our clients while respecting our rigorous criteria of excellence and continuous improvement.

A Complete and Effective Solution to Counter Theft

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